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SA-39M Electric Suction Apparatus




  • Apply to hospital operation room sucking mucus such as pus, blood, phlegm, in coelem of patient, also apply to induced abortion.
  • Use efficient plunger pump which need no oil to lubricate, do not pollute, and have long life.
  • Suction pump is negative pressure, one-way pump, never produce positive pressure, ensure safety.
  • Have negative pressure adjustive valve and check valve, be capable of adjusting safe pressure, and selecting arbitrary value in safe pressure range
  • Pedal switch is controlled by low voltage, safe and convenient.


Main specification:

  • Limit negative pressure value: ≥0.09Mpa under standard atmospheric pressure.
  • Noise: ≤60dB(A).
  • Power: ≤180VA.
  • Air suction rate: ≥20L/min(at the end), ≥30L/min(at the pump) under standard atmospheric pressure.
  • Mucus bottle: 2500ml/pc, 2 pcs.