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Product Description:

1)The laryngoscope bade is made of 304 medical stainless steel. The blade design is ergonomic and easy to operate.

2)the handle is designed with a netting to prevent the operator from sweating and falling off, the handle head is made of medical stainless steel, and the scratches are less used repeatedly; the handle tube is made of copper material, and the electrical conductivity is good;

3) The LED bulb is placed at the front of the handle and has a long service life.

4)fiber tube does not need to be disassembled, can be directly used for high temperature disinfection at 134 °C, reducing the possibility of cross infection.

5)the tip of the laryngoscope can be curve at 80 °, adjust the tip of the blade through the lever on the handle, lift the epiglottis, and clearly see the glottis. Avoid contact with teeth and damage to the tongue and other soft tissues.

6)the length of blade: 129mm handle diameter: 29mm

7)fiber illumination: 5000LUX